Jakarta and The Things I Hate About

Things that amaze me when I visited Phuket and could be never happen here were:

  1. People around there used horn rarely. It made the city so peaceful.
  2. They completely applied “queue” term. When I had to use toilet, people who came first stood in a line and not in front of each door in the toilet. If a door opened, then the first person in queue would get her turn.

I can say that people here use horn excessively. Why you don’t try to be patient just for a bit? It drives me crazy and mad every time I hear people pressing their horn repeatedly. It makes me want to hit them with baseball stick >_<.

Hey, smokers, this city isn’t yours! How could you throw your cigarette ash out of your window innocently? Do you ever think about sin that you’ve made for being a selfish person and harm others?

And the last one is thing that happen most of the time when I am in Jakarta. I keep asking myself, why it’s hard to trust people there? and I feel bad about this, honestly. I know it’s not nice, but I can’t restrain my head for thinking something bad could happen if I don’t keep my eyes open (except if I’m in a bus, I sleep often).


6 pemikiran pada “Jakarta and The Things I Hate About

  1. betuuuul…. harusnya orang belajar deh, klakson itu ada aturan makenya.. *huh* and yes, gw juga sebel soal orang yang ga bisa ngantri, tapi lately sih uda cuek aja jadi tukang protes kalo ada yg nyelak, enak aje..huh 😛

  2. in the male restroom in SEIN there’s an information/tips poster tells us that honking car’s horn will cause stress because its sound is in high decibel range.. I’m not sure about the exact amount of the intensity, but you can check inside the (male) restroom.. xP

  3. aaaaaah… jadi inget kemaren butuh waktu 3 jam lebih hanya untuk ke CCF. @_@
    dah gitu buswaynya penuuuuuh, mo turun ke halte aja orang2nya ga mau minggir, si geje ampek esmosi =))
    *paling nyebelin klo macet malah meng-klakson berkali2 -_-”
    *ojek2 ituu suka mepet2 pinggir sampek nempel ke pejalan kaki, sedangkan trotoarnya dipake ojek mangkal >.<
    *dibusway yang penuh, ga dapet pegangan, trus ngerem mendadak gara2 orang nyebrang ato sepeda nyelonong -_-"

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