Teaching Kindergarten

Finally, I made it! \(^0^)/

Previous sunday was my first time to teach some kindergarten children. It felt delightful ^^. My friend in BPS, Johan, was one of the founder of Taman Ilmu Setia Budi. When I knew he has been doing a great job, teaching there every sunday for free, I decided to join in his program.

Actually, I had no idea how to teach kids. 10 kids came into kindergarten class. They are so nice, cute and wonderful. Some of them are very excited, but there are still some kids that can’t write. The most difficult thing is I have to find ways to make them excited, because kids get bored easily :).

The lovely class ^^

I teach english, and I felt nervous because I never did such thing before. When I told what I felt, si mas said:

him: your students are elementary kids..you can just easily fool them lol. just kidding though

me: juahaaaat 😆

I think I have to learn some kids songs ^^, because they love songs and it will make them easier to learn and remember new english vocabularies. Wish me luck ^^.

And I think I’ve found great thing to replace my sunday routine before, went to francais class, and this is one of my dream ^^.

So, if you read this and want to join with us, please be our guest ^^.


6 pemikiran pada “Teaching Kindergarten

  1. Quoted :
    “The most difficult thing is I have to find ways to make them exited”

    Lha piye..muridnya disuru exit buuu? hihihi. Spellingnya benerin tuh, pan guru katanya..*ctarr!!..hoahahahah* 😛

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