How To Deal With The Things That You Dislike

It is true that many times reality does not go as expectation planned (I prefer to use the “planned” word because I don’t like to have any expectation). Before things happen, we often think about how they should run, until imagine the results that we should get. And we will feel disappointed when they don’t happen as predicted.

I was a pessimistic person, and it’s not that easy to have positive mind. When I felt tired to be pessimist, I knew that I have to do something “change my point of view and try to put everything negative (the things that I dislike) on positive track”. I keep believing, behind every bad thing there are some good things that God’s planned to us.

Lately, I have to face some things that little uncomfortable such as:

  • today I have to move back to Simprug. I and many friends of mine think that we won’t get lovely things and easiness as we got here (include various foods and adorable advisers ^^).
  • have to do never ending adaptations.
  • can’t change clothes as much as I did in Cikarang (because laundry here are limited).
  • etc.

So, to minimize my disappointment, I decide:

  • to see in a good way about this move; I’ll get new room (the building is still new) with a modern room design, samsung tv on the wall and good lighting so I can learn comfortably, even though the room is smaller than I got here.
  • to think that the more I do adaptation, the more I’ll learn about people and how to react. When I got “Kemampuan interpersonal skill dalam dunia bisnis” I was happy and excited, and the teacher said that I have a good skill to communicate. When I said I love to learn bout psychology, she said that I should continue my education and take the psychology even though my bachelor is IT. So, with this never ending adaptation process, I’ll learn about one of psychology thing for free ^^.
  • about the clothes, I think it’s not a big deal :D.

So pals, when you have to face unfavourable things, don’t hurt your self. The more you hate, the more you feel disappointed. Face it happily, think about the positive things, take a deep breath and make peace with your mind ^^. We’ll be great ;). And remember that:

Have a nice sunday all :).



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