People Of The Box

In our life, we meet many people and we lost count on it. I’d like to classify people who came and come into my life to several boxes, they are:

  1. Opened box: for those people who want to or will come and are coming into my life. We can say they are new people and I am in a process to know them better and try to figure out things that can be learned from them.
  2. Box that can be opened and closed. This is a special box, because this is for those people who can touch my heart and left their footsteps. So when I am missing them, I can open the box even though we don’t talk for months or years because there are things that bind us called memory.
  3. Closed box. It’s clear that this box is special for them from my past and it will be better if I never take a peep into it, or for them who came slightly and left nothing.

Today is my first day in my new boarding house. After unpacking my stuff and went shopping to buy batik clothes and some-new-anak-kosan-stuff till my calf bunned 😆 (iyah ini vocab buatan sendiri, baca: berkonde). I went back to my room, turned on my laptop and playing some songs.

When you’re alone in your room, it will be easier to open the second type of boxes above more over if the songs that are played are songs that remind you of them. Suddenly, I miss many people from my present-perfect-continuous period. Baca selebihnya »