People Of The Box

In our life, we meet many people and we lost count on it. I’d like to classify people who came and come into my life to several boxes, they are:

  1. Opened box: for those people who want to or will come and are coming into my life. We can say they are new people and I am in a process to know them better and try to figure out things that can be learned from them.
  2. Box that can be opened and closed. This is a special box, because this is for those people who can touch my heart and left their footsteps. So when I am missing them, I can open the box even though we don’t talk for months or years because there are things that bind us called memory.
  3. Closed box. It’s clear that this box is special for them from my past and it will be better if I never take a peep into it, or for them who came slightly and left nothing.

Today is my first day in my new boarding house. After unpacking my stuff and went shopping to buy batik clothes and some-new-anak-kosan-stuff till my calf bunned 😆 (iyah ini vocab buatan sendiri, baca: berkonde). I went back to my room, turned on my laptop and playing some songs.

When you’re alone in your room, it will be easier to open the second type of boxes above more over if the songs that are played are songs that remind you of them. Suddenly, I miss many people from my present-perfect-continuous period. 

  • My family, don’t need to explain *bau-bau home sick*. But the happy news is we will welcome a new member in our family, the little who will be 1st grandchild of my parents, 1st nephew/niece of this lovely aunty wanna be hohoho *blush*.
  • My 3G pals. Time is moving, many things is changing, but I am really glad we are still together even though separated by place and time. Finally, as predicted, Alice is the one who on the 1st number in marriage :D. Kakluk: I haven’t visited you yet in Bali, but in a couple of days you’ll come back to Gresik. So, you have to bring me something from Bali. I know you read this, so you can’t elude *evil laugh*. I am waiting for your visitation here ;). Elly: no need words, you know I am thankful for your companion and God’s fate until this day ;).
  • Sein R&D people, especially software team. Dem, you guys are too good to be ignored :D.
  • Hey you, my chatting companion most of the time, how dare you didn’t appear today? Merci beaucoup ma cherie, je suis à la recherche de cadeaux pour votre anniversaire #telatbanget. And you too, no no I don’t miss you :lol:, but I am glad you’ve changed \\(^__^)//. I know you’re kind, but you don’t know how or refuse to show it :p.
  • Agnes, I know I am not such a good friend but I didn’t mean it *pasang muka melas* hahahaha.
  • BPS CSS Batch II 2010. It only took several hours to miss our togetherness in PLC. Even though you said that I’ll choose to spend my time with my laptop than you, I have my own way to picture our togetherness, flawless.
  • Those lovely and adorable Taman Ilmu kids.

Thank you for drowning yourself into my second box, with or without deliberation.

Most of the time we ignore things that happen to us, part of our routine, until we have to end it and at this time we realize that they mean a lot. Take the lessons, enjoy every moment because we never know which moment that will turn to memory, say what you feel before it’s too late because you never know when the person will leave you all alone and your confession will mean nothing.

Sometimes I will be tempted to open the third box, and it takes years to learn that nothing worth from this box but lesson. It’s not allowed to peep too deep into this box because there are only two options that are available after we did that: we’ll hurt our self or we’ll hurt the people. Let them happy with their life without us, and let’s free our self from chain of the past because this is a way to reach a better life.

The best revenge is being happy and massive success.

I’ve found this from here:

Sometimes you are hurting so bad that you want to pay them back for what they did. Sometimes you want to let them feel the hurt that you feel. It seems unfair that you are hurting and they are living like it is not a big deal. I found that the best revenge is the following. Feel free to add to the list

1) Forgive….dont look back..and heal
2) Do Peace….Not war
3) Not doing nothing. It is better for your soul
4) Let them see you move on & be happy without them
5) Do Nothing – fate has ways to take care of things on its own
6) The best revenge is to leave them alone & be happy in your own life
7) The best revenge to look your best & act like they never meant anything to you.
Go out and make a point of doing well & being happy without them. Big stab!

For the second box, no doubt, it takes the biggest part of my storage. It contains those who love and hurt me, who I love and hurt, for those who inspire me, who teach me valuable lessons in life, who accompany within my pain and happiness, for those who believe in my dreams and being here when I am down. Why I mentioned about “hurt”?, because I think we’ll hurt people we care much and close to us.

For the first box, I say “Welcome”, bienvenue pour les gens qui peuvent parler français *ngarep ada yg dari prancis* and let’s make stories ;).


3 pemikiran pada “People Of The Box

  1. bienvenue pour les gens qui peuvent parler français *ngarep ada yg dari prancis* and let’s make stories << yang ini sih November.Golf.Alfa.Romeo.Echo.Papa :))

Habis maen komen dong :D

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