What is the importance of a mirror? So I can see myself clearer.

Finally, after had a hard time lately, I decided to make peace with myself. I spent my time and my energy to do some exercises in my office’s exercise center. I keep thinking.

I saw bad things that I have in people, and those things make me scare to realize that I am an awful person, a bad friend, person who hurt others intentionally or not, and humbly I’d like to say sorry for my absence. Really sorry for things that I’ve done and maybe put scars in your feeling. I am human, but I want to learn.

If people did things that hurt us deep down inside, by purposes or not, like what I said on my previous post “ambil manfaatnya, ambil manfaatnya, ambil manfaatnya”, take the lessons. From them we know that we shouldn’t do the same to others, don’t bite people who bite us because if we do it, apple to apple, we don’t have any differences with them.Baca selebihnya »


About Attending A Wedding Party

Someone asked me, why I didn’t come to someone’s wedding party. And by chance, both of this people came from my past (the one who asked me and the one who had a wed party).

It was so funny when he mentioned about broken heart as a reason I didn’t come to the party.

Dear sweetheart, when I say “past is past” it means I really put the things in my 3rd box. And I am not kind of person who think that marriage is everything even though it is an important thing for me. That’s why I am glad we’re not meant to be *evil laugh*.

I never put my legs in a handcuff because I have things to achieve, dreams to be reached. I need them to run fast and not stuck in a mysterious thing such fate.

So, can I “make people happy when they see me happy and for those who aren’t, I am humbly say sorry”?.

No need to worry bout my success, I am working on it ;). But thanks for your kind attention. And please, live in peace :lol:.