Good Things Come To Those Who (Try and) Wait

As I always do (and I keep trying to do it), for everything that happen to me that are both good and unpleasant, I believe that God want me to learn something instead of grumbling or passing it with nothing.

On previous Saturday, I went to Kwitang with 3 of my friends to look for a boarding house. We left from PLC at 11.30 am and started to walk around Kwitang at 2 pm under drizzle. We kept walking, in and out from one alley and boarding house to another, asking to inhabitant there about boarding house for woman.

Most of the places couldn’t satisfy us. There was a good and clean one but only has a free room, and we need about at least 4 rooms. We came to various type of house. One of them was a mystical house, with old women as the owner, that successful to make me feel like I was entering a different world, and I think if I stayed there every day would become “malam jum’at” day. She has many statuettes inside, old furniture, dark lighting, and I’d like to recommend that place to be a place to take a scene for Indonesian horror movie.

We also visited a mixed boarding house (aka kos campur cuy..), no women exist there but the house keeper, such entered a crocodile cage. Big NO NO for a place to live. I’d rather we walked to find another one and made my calf of leg bigger, than stayed there. So, we took a rest for a while and did our ashar prayer.

It was about 6 pm when we were tired and still hadn’t found a proper place yet, we were near with desperation and decided to go back to PLC because we had to arrive there before 8 pm. In the middle of our way to come back home, Linda, my inmate here, accidentally looked a board with “terima kos wanita” written on it. We knocked on the door, no one came. We tried again, and a house keeper came to us. Finally, we’ve found it, a nice boarding house with nice price and environment^^.

Sometimes it takes long time to meet what we want. But the only thing that we have to believe when we don’t find it, is God always gives what we need. Our life isn’t a fairytale, we won’t get what we want just by praying and soon after we open our eyes everything is served in front of us. Life won’t become interesting if every girl looks like snow white and every man turns as a prince with white horse.

Most of the time when people in trouble or in difficult situation (aka sedang di dalam cobaan), it will be easier for them to remember God than when God gives them tests with wealth and health.

Looking for a proper boarding house is like looking for a partner in life :lol:. Many people are available, but we don’t suddenly choose one just because others have found theirs. We keep waiting, praying, and trying, getting hurt, feeling up and down, until we get the right one which meets our compatibility version. But don’t worry, good things come to those who wait and try. So, while you’re waiting, make your waiting time worth ^^.

Don’t take this post too serious, will ya? πŸ˜‰


9 pemikiran pada “Good Things Come To Those Who (Try and) Wait

      • welcome to the jakarta jungle, kiddo
        bedanya di hutan sono, panas2 jg tiap sejam sekali kayanya jd pengen touch upppp, pupuran bedakkk..kuduuuu

        di cikarang mah, lanjut…bodo amat deh muka =))

  1. jadi jadi….. ada saran gimana menggapai pasangan hidup yang ada ditangan Tuhan? πŸ˜€
    *darinyarikosankenapamelencengjadinyarijodoh ;))

    • yakinkan pada Tuhan kalo kamu memang di posisi sangat membutuhkan pasangan, kata elly sih “jadilah perempuan manja” hangan semua2 ngrasa bisa dilakukan sendiri πŸ˜† . Di sholatin hajat aja πŸ˜€

  2. @Mbak Nyun: hahahahah aku ga bisa cost down alat nglenong dong kalo gitu πŸ˜† *kekbisanglenongaja*. Di survey dulu, screening, liat sekitar :D, yg ptg seger si ya..

  3. hush hush hush… itu percobaan sesat mpit… what on earth was on my mind thinking i could manipulate God grakgrakgrak =)) just have faith, we’ll eventually feel the need *hayah* grakgrakgrak πŸ˜€

    just like you said, Good Things Come To Those Who (Try and) Wait, at least we’ve tried to feel the need #haish and i’ve tried to manipulate God #sesat

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