Spouse Candidate or Career?

Eaaaa, what if you have to choose one of the options? Will you choose spouse candidate or you’ll ignore them because you have assigned contract that isn’t allowed you to marry with your partner in office?

In my current office, there is a point in the contract that one employee can’t marry with other unless one of them resign and if the working period hasn’t reached 5 years yet, the person has to pay 300% of education cost to the company and it takes about 210 million rupiah $_$.

Caused by high intensity of meeting for about 3 months, it can be possible if “love affair” occurs. This case actually happens to my friends ^^. It’s like eating simalakama fruit, if you eat it your mom will die but if you don’t your father will.

It will be better to prevent the thing happen, because it’s like hard options to be chosen. These are some opinions of mine:

  1. Put a clear line and build a wall between friendship and personal life, especially with your opposite friends.
  2. Love can occur because a high intensity of communication and interaction, so beware.
  3. Open yourself in making a new friendship or relationship with new environment.

Before you’re blinded by love and controlled by your feeling, be realistic first and keep thinking over and over about that again. If you’ve already made a decision, no matter what it takes, you should undergo the consequences gracefully and make sure to make it count ;).

Keep smiling ;).


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